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  • The 5th Eye exposes US-NZ spy relations

    Jul 28, 2016     Errol   0 Comment     Uncategorized

    While the recent thaw in the US-New Zealand relationship looks set to bring a US naval vessel to our shores for the first time in three decades, it's easy to forget a major US military spy base at Waihopai has operated here since 1989. A new documentary has detailed the infamous security breach at Waihopai and suggests the so-called break-down between US and Kiwi military forces has been anything but. Former Prime Minister Helen Clark's Labour governm...

  • Waihopai documentary digs into the world of spies, eyes and peace

    Jul 23, 2016     Errol   0 Comment     Uncategorized

    They walked through a vineyard and cut fences in the dead of night, approached the enormous white domes of the spy base and said, "In the name of Jesus Christ, we disarm you". Then they plunged sickles into a dome, which deflated like a balloon, and they cried next to a shrine they set up. The three men were a teacher, a farmer and a Catholic priest. The teacher, Adrian Leason​, said, "Catholic spirituality was the glue that brought us together." ...

  • What to see at the NZ International Film Festival

    Jul 2, 2016     Errol   0 Comment     Uncategorized

    By David Larsen @leaflemming · On June 23, 2016 How many movies can you cram into the 17 days of the Film Festival? Metro rounds up highlights you won’t want to miss. Step aside please: there is a new Asghar Farhadi film coming through. If I had to choose the great social realist drama of the past decade, it would be Farhadi’s A Separation. The Salesman marks Farhadi’s return to his native Iran, a country whose complexities he alchemises into...

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